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At Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project, we believe leadership development is self-development. We consider leadership development a process characterized by five essential elements: Assessment, Action Planning, Training, and Education, all of which are guided and supported by Leadership Coaching.

Vincent Leadership Model

Assessment, a critical component of leadership development, is self-assessment and seeking feedback. Leadership assessments provide valuable feedback on how individuals practice the competencies of Vincentian leadership.

Action Planning involves reviewing assessment results, identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement, setting concrete goals, and writing a mission statement.

Training, done through non-credit courses and workshops, offered both online and on site, offers leaders new awareness and practical skills for leading and managing people and organizations.

Education provides another layer of enhancement for leaders, assisting them with the knowledge to build sustainable organizations.

Leadership Coaching, tailored to the needs of the individual, focuses on Vincentian values and attention to organizational mission. We encourage leaders to learn to empower others in their leadership practices by sharing the tools, materials and resources provided by Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project with others in your organization. ‚Äč