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Leadership Assessments

The Vincentian Leadership Assessment (VLA) offers participants the opportunity to evaluate and grow in their leadership competencies in relation to the five orientations of the Vincentian Leadership Model 2.0:

Leadership Model 2.0

VLA SELF – Self-Assessment​

By taking this online survey, you agree to participate in a research study on Vincentian leadership practices being conducted by Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project at DePaul University.  The survey is confidential and the risks associated with participation in this study are minimal to non-existent.  

The Vincentian Leadership Assessment - Self (VLA–SELF 2.0) measures five dimensions of Vincentian leadership: Self, Mission, Task, People, and Service. Each dimension is composed of three competencies. The VLA–SELF is designed to determine your Vincentian leadership aptitude.

After you take the VLA – SELF 2.0 survey, you will use the scoring instructions PDF​​ to analyze your personal score and begin to consider your leadership development action plan.

Please also be informed that:

  • Clicking the link to take the survey is your indication of agreement to participate in the research study.
  • Your participation in this study is fully voluntary. You have a right to stop participating at any time without any consequences.
  • The scores and reports of the VLA-Self 2.0 are strictly confidential to participants. The study records general biographical data and anonymous total scores of leadership competencies. 
  • Any report of the research will not identify you personally in any way.
  • At the completion of this survey, you will receive a personal copy of your results.
  • In proceeding with this survey, you certify that you are 18 years of age or older.

If you have any questions now or desire information in the future regarding your participation in this study, please feel free to contact Patricia M. Bombard, Director, Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project at 312-362-5522 or

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a participant in this research study you may contact Jessica Bloom, DePaul University's Director of Research Compliance in the Office of Research Services: phone (312) 362-6168, or email

VLA OBS – 360-degree Observer Assessment

The Vincentian Leadership Assessment Observer (VLA–OBS) allows you to invite people to prov​ide you with feedback on your leadership related to the 5 Vincentian Leadership Dimensions.

The VLA-OBS invites your peers to contribute by answering a series of open and closed-ended questions about your leadership.

VLA ORG – Organizational Assessment

The Vincentian Leadership Assessment - Organizational (VLA-ORG) measures four dimensions of Vincentian leadership: Mission, Task, People, and Service in organizations.

The VLA-ORG is designed to assess an organization’s culture in relation to Vincentian values. This assessment benefits individuals by providing insights into the fit between an individual’s behavior and organizational behavior while raising awareness of organizational strengths and flaws.

VLA CCC – Cross-Cultural Competency Assessment​

The Vincentian Leadership Assessment - Cross-Cultural Competencies (VLA-CCC) measures five cross-cultural competencies: openness, identity, flexibility, empathy, and respect. These five cross-cultural competencies are complementary to the Vincentian Leadership competencies mission, people, task and service measured by other Vincentian Leadership Assessment tools (VLA-SELF and VLA-OBS).

The VLA-CCC is designed to assess Vincentian leadership practices within cross-cultural contexts. Whether you are someone who has had very little work experience in cross-cultural settings or someone who has worked in cross-cultural settings for a long time, the VLA-CCC provides you with an opportunity to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses in intercultural relations.​