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Who We Are

DWN members with women of sprit awards.

The DePaul Women's Network (DWN) is a volunteer-led organization for all women faculty and staff at the university. We provide peer support, resources, and professional development opportunities to women, femmes, non-binary, trans, and gender-creative members of the DePaul community, as we recognize that diverse experiences of gender and sexuality have a meaningful impact on people's experience of their professional and personal lives. 

In the spirit of our mission, we offer professional development events and activities throughout the year such as Brown Bag Luncheons, social events, lectures and workshops featuring your colleagues and other professionals, and the annual Women of Spirit and Action Awards to honor and recognize your DePaul colleagues.

Networking and Connecting with us on LinkedIn!

We provide opportunities for you to meet and network with other DePaul women across campuses, divisions and colleges. Attend one of ​​ our many events or join one our teams to connect with colleagues.​

Leadership and Professional Development

We provide opportunities for you to develop your leadership and professional skills within one of our four teams: Programming, Marketing & Communications, Operations and Membership & Engagement. In addition, we offer quarterly and annual events that include faculty forums, career development programs, panels, social gatherings and other fun activities. Members receive exclusive access to specific DWN events throughout the year, and have the opportunity to write for our blog.


  • Get involved by joining as a member or participating in a DWN event.
  • Write a blog post on the DWN b​log​.
  • Propose to facilitate a workshop, brown bag session or give a talk for an event.
  • Volunteer at one of our events. 
  • Contact us to express your interests and inquiries.