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The DePaul Women's Network blog provides event previews and recaps, explores professional development topics and women's issues, features female faulty and staff spotlights, and offers DePaul women a space to write and read about the issues that are important to them.  Interested in contributing? Learn more about being a guest blogger.

  • Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    Four years ago, DePaul’s Human Resources invited eligible faculty and staff to an evening event to learn more about retirement benefits and planning. I’m grateful for the motivation that evening sparked in me. After the event, I realized that I needed to give more conscious thought to my resources,... read more
  • BUILDing an Ally

    BUILDing an Ally's Booklist

    Since I was young, I’ve seen myself as an ally of people who are members of what we now call marginalized groups. However, growing up as a white, cisgender, middle-class woman in Iowa, I didn’t have many opportunities to actually interact with people from other backgrounds. I proudly waved the flag... read more
  • An Unlikely Mentor

    An Unlikely Mentor

    Much has been written about the importance of mentorship in helping manage our careers. More often than not, it refers to the development of leadership skills and moving “up” in the world. We often think about a mentor as being like us yet more senior, someone who can help us develop our leadership... read more
  • 2017-18 Members Reception with Mrs. Esteban

    2017-18 Members Reception with Mrs. Esteban

    When Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban assumed his role as DePaul’s 12th president this summer, it marked several firsts: DePaul’s first lay leader; DePaul’s first president with a Ph.D.; and DePaul’s first First Lady, Mrs. Josephine “Jo” Esteban. On Wednesday, October 11th, the DePaul Women’s Network hosted... read more
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    DWN Blog Archive

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