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Get Involved

​​​DWN invites all DePaul women faculty and staff to get involved in a way that is personally and professionally relevant to you: join as a team member or member at large, become a presenting lecturer or workshop facilitator, write a guest post on our blog, or simply attend one of our events or activities.

We’re always looking for motivated women who want to get more involved and share their time and talent with the DePaul Women's Network!

Become a Member

DWN membership is limited to women faculty and staff at this time. You can become a member in one of two ways:

Levels of Involvement

We welcome anyone at DePaul to participate in our events throughout the year, but we encourage women faculty and staff to become involved on a deeper level by serving on a DWN team as a team member or director. Members at large is another option of membership where a lower time commitment is required.

Here's the difference between being a participant, a team member/ director, and a member at large:

  • DWN Participants
    • DWN events are open to all full-time and part-time DePaul faculty and staff. Some events are also open to students.
    • Participants help keep the network alive by sharing ideas and perspectives and encouraging co-workers to attend events.
    • Participants make networking with employees across the university possible.
    • Participants have the flexibility of "trying out" DWN at events while evaluating the possibility of becoming a team member/ director or a member at large.
  • DWN Team Members and Directors
    • DWN team members and directors make up the group of volunteers who plan and execute DWN events and initiatives throughout the year. They have the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow members, volunteer at events, write for our blog and propose ideas for new initiatives. 
    • Team members and directors apply to serve on one of the four DWN teams: Operations, Membership & Engagement, Programming, and Marketing & Communications. See the Practice Areas page for more information. By serving on a team, they have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop their professional experiences, and share and utilize their talents.
    • Team members and directors receive DWN's monthly newsletter and enjoy access to exclusive members-only DWN events.
    • Team member and director recruitment takes place each spring.
    • This level of membership has a one-year service commitment. It is similar to serving on a committee. Team members and directors must reapply each year to remain on a team or to serve on a new one.
  • DWN Members at Large
    • Members at large have the opportunity to network with DWN team members and directors, volunteer at events, write for our blog and propose ideas for DWN initiatives. 
    • Involvement comes with a lower time commitment than team members/ directors.
    • Members at large receive DWN's monthly newsletter and enjoy access to exclusive members-only DWN events.
    • Members at large enrollment is open throughout the year. Fill out our short online form to become a member at large today.
    • This level of membership rolls over year to year.