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Our Mission

The DePaul Women's Network works to enliven and enrich the work experience for women faculty and staff at DePaul University. We provide peer support, resources, and professional development opportunities to women, femmes, non-binary, trans, and gender-creative members of the DePaul community, as we recognize that diverse experiences of gender and sexuality have a meaningful impact on people's experience of their professional and personal lives. We do this by delivering a highly engaging slate of events targeted toward networking, learning, and sharing ideas about common interests.​

Our History

The first women’s network at DePaul formed in 2003 and focused on women in managerial roles. Women in Leadership (WIL), as it was called, focused on developing future women leaders at the university. However, WIL was disbanded in response to an interest in professional development from women in other roles. In 2008, the DePaul Women's Network was created to serve all women employees at DePaul.p