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Practice Areas

​​​​​DWN Team Members and Directors

Participate in DWN by serving as a team member or team director. Some of the same skills and abilities are required for all team members, regardless of practice area:​
  • ​Serve as an ambassador and representative of DWN
  • Have a working knowledge of DePaul's Vincentian and Catholic heritage
  • Be willing to have fun, think creatively and take calculated risks
  • Have a commitment to advancing diversity as it relates to women and gender in the workplace
  • Dedication to quality and customer service
  • Ability and/or desire to work in an inter-disciplined, collaborative environment
  • Professionalism: the ability to work independently or in a group, make consistent decisions and maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Effective communication skills, including oral and written expression
Visit our Current Leadership page​ to meet DWN's 2016-2017 directors.

​​Practice Areas

The five DWN practice areas are listed below with brief descriptions. For more detailed information, please click on the team name. 

Operations​ administers DWN's business affairs which include budget, performance tracking, monitoring and reporting, research and planning. The team manages DWN’s workflow, assists with coordinating event logistics, provides budget and data analysis, and interprets and applies university policies and procedures for action within DWN. 

Membership & Engagement​ creates meaningful connections and events for DWN members in the form of roundtables, panels and networking events. Additionally, members on this team manage the Members-at-Large application and selection process, and also facilitate member concerns and questions. 

Service & Outreach​ keeps our Vincentian and Catholic heritage alive by actively seeking out service partnerships and service opportunities within and outside of the DePaul community. Members on this team contribute ideas, expertise, and personal and professional connections to develop engaging quarterly service-oriented events and activities that foster informal connections among DePaul women faculty and staff. 

Programming​ executes a diverse, highly engaging slate of events targeted toward professional development, networking, and support for faculty and staff. Members of this team develop an annual schedule of events with an emphasis on achieving a balanced variety of topics and event formats, targeting women in general and specific populations and/or special areas of concern. 

Marketing & Communications​​ manages DWN’s voice and spreads the word about the Network's mission and events. This work entails coordinating and producing event communications, maintaining DWN's digital presence (website, blog and social media channels), and ensuring the creation of quality content for all DWN messaging and materials (print, email or online).