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Current Leadership

​​​DePaul Women's Network Directorate 2021-2022

  • President: Chi-Jang Yin (Associate Professor, DePaul Presidential Fellow​)
  • Vice President: Amanda R. Moncada-Perkins (Faculty, College of Law)
  • Director of Operations: Ozlem Elgun Tillman (Associate Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Center)
  • Directors of ProgrammingCoya Paz​ ​Brownrigg (Interim Dean, The Theater School) and Anna Yas, (Faculty, Social Work Program)
  • Director​ of Engagement: Mona Pearl (Faculty, Driehaus College of Business)

  • Director of Membership: Linda Liu (Faculty, School of Nursing)
  • Faculty Forum Coordinator: Gwenyth Bailey Knorr (Assistant Director for New Students​, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences​)