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Why Join DWN as a Team Member or Director?

The DWN Experience

When you’re a member of DWN, the experience is what you make of it.

As a member at large, you receive our monthly newsletter and special invites to certain DWN events. As a team member or director, you receive those as well, but you also help create those programs and events. And in the process, develop your connections, and personal and professional experiences.

When I first joined DWN a few years ago, it was as a marketing and communication team member. I had been at DePaul for a number of years and was looking to add something new to my work life. I loved working at DePaul and the people with whom I worked (still do!), but my circle was limited to my department and campus at the time. (The fact that I rarely left my office during lunch didn’t help!)

I wanted to expand my network and contribute to DePaul in new ways. Expand my interests in communications and practice writing on different channels.

I also joined because one of my co-workers was involved and recommended it, and I’m so glad she did.

For me, DWN is about community and collaboration. It’s about the people you get to meet and connect with through the work that we do to bring DWN’s mission and vision to life.

DWN is also, for me, about fun and creativity. Designing new projects or events, choosing an area of interest and running with it. The opportunities and new experiences DWN has afforded me have truly enriched my work experience here. Now, when I think about my time at DePaul, I see it in two chapters – before and after joining the DePaul Women’s Network.

Why Join?

Join because you want to expand your network of colleagues beyond your office, college, campus.

Join because you want to provide meaningful programs and events for our women faculty and staff.

Join because you’d like to grow outside your comfort zone.

Join because making connections across the university can serve you in your job. (It helps to know who to call for what!)

Join because you’d like to explore your interests.

Join because it’s fun.

Join because you have an expertise or a skill you’d like to practice, that you may not have a chance to use on a daily basis.

Join because you’ve been at DePaul for many years and want to add new challenges, experiences, faces and energy to your work life.

Join because you’ve recently joined DePaul and want to meet new people, get involved and make a unique difference.

Join because you’d like to learn something new and develop yourself professionally.

Join because you never know what friendship or professional connection you could forge as a result. (There are countless “I would have never known so-and-so if not for DWN” stories out there!)

Whatever your reason, I hope you will consider joining us. It’s been a meaningful experience for me, and I’m happy to spread the word on what I hope will be a meaningful experience for you too.

If you’re interested, we’re currently recruiting team members and directors* to serve one of our four teams during the 2021-22 year:

Applications are due Friday, December 18, 2020.

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Nadia Alfadel Coloma is a communication analyst in the Driehaus College of Business and former president of the DePaul Women's Network.