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2.7 Resource Management Annex

​The purpose of this annex is to coordinate University resources in an effort to: (a) catalogue emergency supplies and equipment maintained for the campus community to use during an emergency and (b) distribute donations of money, goods and labor received from individual citizens and volunteer groups during a campus emergency. This function is triggered upon a major campus emergency calling for implementation of the Long Term Evacuation Plan discussed in the Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place Annex (2.3).

The EERT shall be responsible for Resource Management. Upon the declaration of a major campus emergency, the EERT and/or the Incident Commander shall assign this responsibility to the Finance/Admin section of the additional Incident Command staff.

Resource management and logistics efforts will support key objectives including the preservation of life, DePaul University facilities, physical and intellectual property, reputation, and the environment. Critical materials providing hydration, food, and shelter will be given priority. Resource management efforts will be coordinated with supporting local, state, federal, and nonprofit entities.​