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1.5 Additional Incident Command Staff

As an emergency evolves, University resources in addition to the EERT and Incident Command Officers may be employed as necessary depending on the nature and duration of the emergency.  These additional incident command staff will be aligned into one of four NIMS compliant team structures and will report directly to the Incident Commander or indirectly via a team leader for the duration of the emergency.  These teams include Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration.

Listed below are the positions by team likely to be called into action by the Incident Commander and a list of their potential responsibilities depending on the nature of the emergency:


Associate Director of Emergency Management

    • Liaison to multiple law enforcement and first responder agencies

Vice President for Student Affairs

    • Coordinate counseling, student health services, and assist Public Information Officer with student and parent messaging.

Vice President for Information Services

    • Advise Incident Command and EERT on any impacted telecommunications and information services infrastructure and invoke information services disaster recovery  plans in the event of services disruption.


Assistant Director of Emergency Management

    • Assist with invoking business continuity plans and ensuring emergency communications channels are operational.
    • Activities are focused on mitigation and preparedness and involve policies, procedures, training, and exercises. Gathers input and seeks review from key university staff in the regular review of this campus emergency operations plan. ​

Department Planners

    • Invoke and communicate business continuity plans


Directors of Lincoln Park and Loop Facility Operations

    • Coordinate all facility evacuations, closure, cleaning, repair, and restoration.
    • Coordinate receipt of supplies and management of contracted labor.
    • Coordinate relocation plans for affected units.

Finance / Administration:


    • Provide timekeeping, payroll, and budgeting guidance to affected faculty and staff.


    • Provide financing, procurement, and insurance claim instructions.

AVP, Office of the Provost

    • Provide budgeting and staffing input to the process.

Vice President for Human Resources

    • Provide compensation and benefits claims input as necessary.

General Counsel

    • Provide legal advice on contracts and liability matters associated with the emergency and response.

In addition to these central roles, officers, staff and/or faculty from the college or business unit affected by the emergency situation may be called to participate as part of the Incident Command staff.