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Why Participate?

​It's free.

You’ll make progress towards your degree, for free! FYAS courses save students tuition and financial aid dollars. 

It saves you time!

When you successfully complete a prerequisite course with FYAS, you are one step closer to advancing to the math and/or writing course required for your degree, and in half (or more!) the time that you would complete the requirement during the quarter! FYAS courses are shorter, offered in three and five week sessions.   

Below, you will find the general sequence of math and writing courses that are required for your major. First, find your degree path based on your major in the sequence below. To find your starting point in the sequence, look at your math placement results in the FYAS invitation letter you received through email or on Blue Demon Domain. This will outline  what math prerequisites you need to take for your major.

Calculus Bound

(Usually pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree)

Quantitative Reasoning Bound

(Usually pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree)

*Course not offered through First-Year Academic Success.​

It works! 

  • 92% of participants would recommend the First-Year Academic Success Program to other students.
  • An 89% pass rate for writing courses and an 88% pass rate for math courses. These are both higher than the average pass rates during the academic year.
  • Additionally, 97% of the FYAS students passed their math and/or writing classes in the Autumn Quarter following the program.

“I’ve learned how to actually succeed in a course that I’ve never really been good at with FYAS. It also helped me understand how to transition to DePaul more smoothly.” - FYSM 95 student

"I felt that this program helped to expand my math knowledge and has allowed me to continue to develop my critical thinking skills during the summer." - FYSM 100 student

"I felt as if I was able to dip my toes into the academic atmosphere of DePaul. I was impressed by how accessible both the instructor and additional resources were." - FYSM 130​ student


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