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Why Participate?

It's free.

It gets you ahead in your academic plan. It has proven to be successful. And you make friends!

It Saves You Time!

By successfully completing one or more courses during the FYAS Program, you are able to advance into the next math and/or writing course required for your degree at the beginning of your first year, which allows you to complete your math requirements earlier, saving you time.

Below, you will find the general sequence of math and writing courses that are required for your major. First, find your degree path based on your major in the sequence below. To find your starting point in the sequence, look at your math placement results in the FYAS invitation letter you received in the mail. This will tell you what math prerequisites you need to take for your major.

*Course not offered through First-Year Academic Success.

It Saves You Money!

The classes are FREE - there is no-cost for tuition. We know that you can't put a price on education; however, below we have demonstrated the tuition savings of taking a FYAS course over the summer versus working a summer job. FYAS is a great value!

Tuition Savings What your gross earnings would be working a full-time summer job at minimum wage.
1 FYAS Class $2340 (1 Summer session) $2000 (5 weeks)
2 FYAS Classes $4680 (1 Summer session) $2000 (5 weeks)
3 FYAS Classes $7020 (2 Summer sessions) $4000 (10 weeks)

It Works!

  • 92% of participants would recommend the First-Year Academic Success Program to other students.
  • An 89% pass rate for writing courses and an 88% pass rate for math courses. These are both higher than the average pass rates during the academic year.
  • Additionally, 97% of the FYAS students passed their math and/or writing classes in the Autumn Quarter following the program.