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Does your student have an interest in taking a FYAS course? Below, please find answers to frequently asked questions. 

What is the First-Year Academic Success Program (FYAS)?

All students at DePaul University are required to demonstrate competency in math.  The level of competency depends upon the student's major.  The FYAS Program is designed to help students move more quickly through pre-requisite math, writing and chemistry courses during the summer tuition free so as to increase the likel​​ihood of graduating in four years.  Two Sessions are offered.  Students can participate in one or both sessions.

What are the academic advantages of participating?

​FYAS participants are able to begin taking major field requirements sooner and are automatically enrolled in the next required math course in their first term.  Also, participants are assigned a Faculty Advisor who will help them during their first year.  Students who sometimes struggle with math also have tutors available specifically for them. 

What does the program cost?

The FYAS Program’s courses are free but students are expected to purchase the textbooks ($125​) and arrange for transportation to campus.  Students unable to purchase textbooks or CTA transportation should contact via email.  Requests are reviewed by our Financial Aid office and students are notified of their approval.​

What are the financial advantages of participating?

Courses are offered free, enabiling students to save financial aid dollars. S​tudents successfully completing our FYAS courses can begin enrolling in major field requirements sooner increasing the likelihood of graduating in four years.  Bachelor of Science majors may not be able to use these courses to fulfill requirements if they wait to take these courses for credit. ​

What are the other advantages of participating?

Additional advantages of participating include access to a support resource network (i.e., representatives in DePaul Central, College Office Academic Advisors, small class sizes, etc.), enrollment into the next required math course, and the opportunity to create a community on campus before the start of the academic year.​

What are DePaul's math requirements for Bachelor of Arts (BA) majors?

Most Bachelor of Arts (BA) majors are required to demonstrate competency at the MAT/FYSM 100 (Intro to Quantitative Reasoning) level before enrolling in the first of two required math courses (Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy I & II). The “Path To Math” for most BA majors is:

MAT/FYSM 094 (Basic Algebra)     

MAT/FYSM 100 (Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning)     

LSP 120 (Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy  I)        

LSP 121 (Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy  II)​

What are DePaul's math requirements for Bachelor of Science (BS) majors?

Most Bachelor of Science (BS) majors are required to complete a sequence of Calculus or Discreet math courses, and are required to demonstrate competency at the MAT/FYSM 130 (Pre-Calculus) level before enrolling in any major field courses.  The “Path To Math” for most BS majors is:

MAT/FYSM 094 (Basic Algebra)     

MAT/FYSM 095 (Introductory Algebra)       

MAT/FYSM 101 (Intermediate Algebra) 

MAT/FYSM 130 (Precalculus)       

Additional math courses (See “Path To Math” to determine which additional math courses are required for each major).​

Is participation in FYAS required?

No. Students electing not to participate in our summer FYAS program can take the courses in the Autumn Quarter.  The courses will be credit bearing and full tuition will be charged.​

Is attendance required?

Yes. It is expected that students attend each class meeting; however, students are permitted to miss two classes. Ideally, one absence will be used to attend one day of the two-day mandatory New Student Orientation (Premiere DePaul).​

Is tutoring offered to students?

Free tutoring is available on days when classes meet.

How is placement determined?

Students who complete the DePaul Admitted Students Placement tests before July 3rd will receive an email if they place into a FYAS course.

How do students register for FYAS classes?

Complete the online Preference Form (link is available under News & Events on the homepage).  Don't wait to register! Registration is  done on a first-come first-served basis and class do fill up quickly.​

How much time will be needed for homework/study?

Generally speaking, students can expect to spend about 20 hours per week on homework and studying. This would be true for any college level course.​

Is it possible to work while taking classes?

Yes, but it is advisable to work part-time.​