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Schedule of Courses

​​​​Summer Session 2024​

FYAS offers a Standard Session and LEVEL UP session during each Summer Session.

Standard Session courses are designed to give students a strong foundation for the math required for their major. Students complete coursework asynchronously with synchronous support components led by a faculty member, student leader, and success check-ins with FYAS staff. 

LEVEL UP Session courses are designed to support students through ALEKS math placement retakes. The FYAS Success Lab provides faculty, student tutor, and FYAS staff support while students review and complete coursework to LEVEL UP their math placement.

Standard Sessions ​

Summer 1:  June 17th - July 19th
Summer 2: July 22nd - August 23rd​​

  • Courses Offered: FYSM 100: Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning & FYSM 130: Functions and Mathematical Models
  • ​5-week session
  • Online Hybrid Modality

Synchronous Support
​Asynchronous Support
  • Faculty review sessions, progress check-ins, and office hours
  • Supplemental Instruction led by a student leader
  • Individual tutoring with a student leader

  • Course materials available 24/7
  • Ongoing success check-ins with FYAS staff​

*Only FYSM100 & FYSM 130 are offered during Standard Sessions.  ​​​

LEVEL UP Sessions 

Summer 1: June 24th - July 12th​
Summer 2: July 29th - August 16th

  • Courses Offered: FYSM 95: Introductory Algebra & FYSM 101: Intermediate Algebra​
  • ​3-week session
  • On Campus/Online Synchronous Flex Modality

Synchronous Support
​Asynchronous Support
  • ​FYAS Success Lab supported by student leaders 
  • Faculty Review sessions, progress check-ins, and office hours
  • Course materials available 24/7
  • Ongoing success check-ins with FYAS staff​

*Only FYSM95 & FYSM 101 are offered during Level Up Sessions.

Please note that as of Spring 2024, MAT 94 / FYSM 94 will not be offered and is no longer a requirement. Students who previously placed into MAT 94 / FYSM 94 should plan to take the next Math course required for their major. If you are unsure of your next Math course, we recommend contacting your advisor or

Winter Intersession 2024

December 2nd - December 20th

Session details forthcoming. 

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