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The For Parents section of our website includes additional FYAS FAQs. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​Pre-Summer Session

Ov​ervie​​w of summer session registration process and preparing for your course.  ​

Students are selected in one of two ways: 

  1. Your high school transcript and test scores indicate that you may need additional preparation in math or writing prior to taking the courses required for your chosen major, or 

  2. Your ALEKS placement assessment results indicate that you placed into one or more FYAS course offerings. 


FYAS provides you with the opportunity to take one or more of these prerequisite courses prior to starting at DePaul in the fall. These prerequisite courses are also offered during the academic year, but we are offering you the opportunity to complete them over the summer, tuition-free.

Once you have completed ALEKS, the math placement assessment, academic advisors at DePaul will look over the results to determine the appropriate course(s) for you to take to complete the "Path to Math"  required for your major.

Yes. DePaul’s math placement assessment is required for all new DePaul students and is a part of the Next Steps to Enrollment process through Blue Demon Domain. Placement into FYAS courses is determined by placement results and the appropriate course sequence for your major. More Information about the math placement assessment ishere.

Email to let us know that you are interested in a Summer Session or Winter Intersession math class and we will get you started on the registration process.

If you choose to wait and enroll in these prerequisite courses during the academic year, you will be charged regular tuition and may delay meeting the math or writing requirements for your major. This delay could extend the time it takes for you to graduate.

The required text for Standard Session courses is an online textbook, MyLab Math. The required text for LEVEL Up classes is offered through ALEKS. More information will be provided in a registration confirmation email that you will receive closer to the start of your courses. If you anticipate needing financial assistance to purchase the textbook, you can complete the FYAS Waiver and/or contact us at

If you anticipate needing financial assistance for the MyLab Math textbook software or for transportation, complete the FYAS Waiver. For online sections of FYAS courses, transportation waivers are not available.

Unfortunately, the First-Year Academic Success Program does not provide opportunities for on-campus residency.

No, unfortunately the UPass program is not available to students who register for non-credit bearing courses.

Students may take up to two courses within their first-year at DePaul.

Please contact the FYAS Office directly if you need to drop or switch a class. Dropping a class will mean that you may need to take the same course in the next Summer Session or in the Fall Quarter.

During Summer Session​

Overview of program expectations, course workload, and academic support resources.   ​

Yes. The Overview is an orientation to your course led by the professor, and all enrolled FYAS students are required to attend unless there is an extenuating circumstance that has been cleared with the program prior to the first day of class.

If your course is online, the FYAS course overview will be offered virtually through Zoom on the first day of your class during Summer Session I and/or Summer Session II. The meeting time and Zoom link will be included in your final FYAS registration confirmation email to be sent one week prior to the start of your class. If your course is on-campus, the overview will take place on the first day of class. More information about the FYAS First-Day of Class Overview is located here.

Standard courses are similar to  all summer courses at DePaul–10 weeks of course material compressed into 5 weeks. As a result, each week will cover 2 weeks worth of material. The estimated minimum weekly time spent on the course is about 12-15 hours. The course is asynchronous (not live) and you will have to meet deadlines identified by the professor. Your course syllabus will provide a detailed outline of your assignment deadlines each week and assignments will consist of homework, quizzes, and exams. Standard session courses also offer synchronous (online, live) support components and a schedule is shared with students at the beginning of the session. 

LEVEL UP courses are three-weeks sessions where students will work toward advancing their Math placement through the ALEKS placement assessment. The estimated weekly time on LEVEL Up courses is 10-12 hours and dependent on each student’s learning plan and prior content knowledge.

Yes, but it is advisable to work part-time. Students who plan to work while taking a FYAS course are encouraged to schedule an Intro to FYAS Chat prior to the start of the session that they are interested in/enrolled in. Email to schedule an Intro to FYAS chat.

Each summer session is a 5-week term. Standard Session courses will follow an asynchronous format, meaning there is no designated meeting time.  Throughout the session, you will complete coursework at your own pace through Desire2Learn (D2L) guided by deadlines set by the professor each week. There may be scheduled class meetings and lectures throughout the session, which your professor will notify you in advance of and you can attend if you are available. LEVEL UP courses will be offered in a Flex modality, which includes synchronous content. Students who choose to attend online will attend at designated days/times each week.

(Desire 2 Learn) known as D2L, is DePaul’s learning management system. Here, you will have access to your course materials and information, such as syllabi, the course calendar, and announcements from your professor and student leaders. Once your D2L course page is active, you will find instructions for how to access your online course textbook.  More information, including video tutorials to guide you through D2L are located here.

Once you’ve logged into D2L with your Campus Connect credentials, your courses will appear on a tab labeled by quarter and school year. Please note: Your course will not be available on D2L until the Sunday evening prior to the start of the session/first day of class.

MyLab Math is the computer software (course text)used for Standard Session courses to complete FYAS math assignments. Your professor will provide instructions for accessing and registering for MyLab Math through the D2L platform.

Important note: Please
do not attempt to purchase MyLab Math before your D2L site is active or if you anticipate needing financial assistance.

Once you’re enrolled in your FYAS course, you will gain access to the math course D2L course site on the Sunday prior to the first day of class. You will access Pearson MyLab Math through a link provided on the math D2L course site. Upon access, you will need to register and create your MyLab Math account. 

Reminder: D2L and MyLab Math are two different websites and you will need access to both to complete your coursework.

The FYAS Success Series gives students the opportunity to learn about DePaul support resources. The series covers key topics like financial aid, course expectations, academic success tips from current students, and more. Content is designed to increase awareness of DePaul resources and ease the transition into university life.

Success Series content will be shared with students throughout the Standard and LEVEL UP sessions.

FYAS Standard Session classes offer extra academic support for students through Supplemental Instruction. Supplemental Instruction is led by a student leader--your SI Leader--who is assigned to your math course. SI Leaders will lead weekly group review sessions covering concepts from your math class and help students focus on particular learning needs.

Standard Session course math tutoring provides the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a peer tutor to review course materials, work through individual math problems, and ask questions. You can schedule appointments with a tutor during available hours based on your scheduling needs. A tutoring schedule is shared at the start of each session. 

LEVEL Up tutoring is available during FYAS Success lab hours.  Each lab has an embedded student tutor that will support your individual placement assessment learning plans through one-on one tutoring as well as group tutoring and reviews. The FYAS Success lab tutoring schedule will be shared at the start of each session.

Yes, students who wish to use accommodations in their FYAS course may do so. If you are a student who has already set up accommodations through The Center for Students with Disabilities at DePaul, please work with them to communicate your accommodations to FYAS. Please contact with any questions. If you have not established accommodations, but wish to do so, contact The Center for Students with Disabilities to begin the process. We strongly encourage students to make contact prior to the start of your FYAS course given that the process for establishing accommodations may take a few weeks.


Post Summer Session​

Overview of next steps upon successfully completing your summer FYAS course.  

Grades are posted to Campus Connect. You can access grades through the following Campus Connect path: Campus Connect > Your Records > View Grades. FYAS courses earn a PA (passed) or NG, which means that you need to retake the course with FYAS (if a session is immediately available) or during the next regular academic quarter. If you have a question about your course grade, you may contact your professor or email

FYAS courses are offered tuition-free and do not earn credit; therefore, the credit may not be transferred to another institution. While FYAS courses are not recorded on your official transcript, successful completion of a FYAS course meets prerequisite requirements and advances you to the next math course required for your major. for your next math course at DePaul.  Also, though FYAS courses are not listed on your official transcript, they can be found on your Degree Progress Report (DPR) through Campus Connect by following this path: Campus Connect > Advising, Progress & Graduation  > Degree Progress > Run Report.

Questions? Contact FYAS Live Chat Support.

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