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Financial Aid

While FYAS courses are tuition-free, students must pay for their course materials (MyLabMath textbook software) and transportation to and from campus. 

FYAS provides waivers for students experiencing financial need. If you anticipate a need for financial assistance with the MyLabMath textbook software, please complete the FYAS Waiver Form. All requests are reviewed by Financial Aid. ​

Textbook Waiver


  • Students enrolled in a FYAS math course are eligible to apply for the FYAS Textbook Waiver. 
  • ​Students enrolled in a math course through the Math Department are also eligible for the FYAS Textbook Waiver, and requests are processed until available codes have been disbursed. ​
Waiver decision process:​
After submitting the FYAS Textbook Waiver, students should begin their Math course with 14-day temporary access to the MyLabMath online textbook. Requests may take up to 3 business days to process through Financial Aid. FYAS will inform students of a decision through email. Prior to the 14-day temporary access expiration date, students approved for the waiver will receive an MLM code. 

Additional guidelines:​​

  • While FYAS can provide finan​cial assistance by distributing a MyLabMath code, FYAS does not reimburse or refund an already purchased MLM through Pearson. 
  • FYAS does not offer general textbook financial support and can only process requests for MyLabMath (the online textbook required for Math courses at DePaul). 

CTA Waiver

  • Students enrolled in an on-campus FYAS course are eligible for a FYAS-Ventra card
Waiver decision process: 
  • FYAS CTA Waiver requests are processed through Financial Aid and may take up to 3 business days to process. FYAS will inform students of a decision through email and instructions for obtaining their Ventra card. 
​Additional guidelines:
Students enrolled in a Summer or Winter Intersession course that is not a FYAS course are not eligible for the CTA waiver. ​​

Questions? Contact FYAS Live Chat Support.

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