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Program Overview

The First-Year Academic Success Program (FYAS) continues DePaul's tradition of educating students across a wide spectrum of academic preparation, especially those from the metropolitan area. FYAS will serve students who show the potential to succeed in college but need additional support; provide a solid academic foundation for success in college; and enable students to start college with necessary preparation in math and writing.

The First-Year Academic Success Program offers prerequisite courses, at no charge and earning no credit, during both summer sessions. Successful completion of these courses will enable students to begin their first year with these prerequisites already satisfied. The program includes peer Supplemental Instruction leaders who attend all classes and help students develop learning strategies and faculty advisors who will support all FYAS students through their first year. Also offered are weekly workshops, called the "Success Series," which provide students with helpful college transition information, such as career and financial planning, goal setting and strategies for engaging with faculty.

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