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Students: Free pre-law prep program

Law school prep program
(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
On Saturday, Oct. 19, DePaul will offer a pre-law preparation program, the CLEO: College Scholars Program, on the Loop Campus. The program is free and all DePaul students are welcome to register.

CLEO: College Scholars Program
Saturday, Oct. 19
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
DePaul College of Law

In collaboration with Loyola University College of Law and CLEO, the program is designed to identify, motivate and prepare students for a career in the legal profession. Participants will learn how to navigate the law school admission process and underwrite their success in law school. 
  • For freshmen: The Road to Law School seminar provides freshmen with an overview of key components of the application process. >> Register here
  • For sophomores: The Sophomore Super Saturdays seminar helps students further develop logical reasoning, reading comprehension and writing skills. >> Register here
  • For juniors, seniors and post graduates: Juniors Jumpstart the LSAT seminar helps participants understand the importance of systemic and timely preparation for the Law School Admission Test, or the LSAT. >> Register here​
CLEO is a nonprofit organization that aims to help low-income and minority students become successful members of the legal profession. The College Scholars Program seeks to continue this standard of excellence through a collaborative effort between CLEO and colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Questions can be directed to Elisa Correa​.