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Would you like to collaborate with students overseas on a project or assignment without leaving your DePaul classroom or your home? Are you interested in having meaningful global conversations and transformative intercultural experiences facilitated by your instructor and aided by technology? Consider taking a DePaul course with a GLE component​.

What is a GLE?

A collaborative online international learning experience in which DePaul students interact with students from an international partner institution on a project with specific goals and deliverables, designed by the two instructors and embedded in an existing DePaul course. 

Which upcoming DePaul 2018-19 courses have a GLE component incorporated?

Winter quarter

​Course number Course name​ ​Partner institution ​Faculty contact
CHE 480​ ​Special Topics: Bioinorganic Chemistry and Environmental Nanotechnology ​Sao Paulo State University, Brazil ​​Kyle Grice
​CTH 276 ​Catholicism in Africa ​Moi University, Kenya Stan Ilo  
​ENG 235 ​Science Fiction ​Huaqiao University, China John Shanahan​​​
​ENG 390 Senior Capstone: Global Novels in the Age of Social Media ​Symbiosis University, India John Shanahan
​ENG 466 ​Rewriting the Romance ​University of Birmingham, UK ​​Eric Selinger
​NSG 540 ​Culture, Ethics, and Policy Analysis ​Secondary & Higher Vocational School, Czech Republic ​Linda Graf 
​PSC 359 ​​Government in Comparative Perspective Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukraine ​​Dick Farkas
​PSY 333 ​Child Psychology ​Chinese University of Hong Kong ​Yan Li
Spring quarter

​Course number​ ​​Course name ​​​Partner institution ​Faculty contact
​ANT 290 ​Maya Humanities ​Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Mexico ​​Marcia Good
​CTH 276 ​Catholicism in Africa ​Moi University, Kenya Stan Ilo
DC 440​ ​Advanced Editing ​Academy of Dramatic Arts, Croatia ​​Michael Flores
ENG 235​ ​Science Fiction ​Sao Paulo State University, Brazil John Shanahan​​​
​GEO/SUD 351/451 ​GEO 351 - Geography, Food and Justice/SUD 451 Sustainable Urban Food Systems ​Symbiosis University, India Howard Rosing​
​HSP 343 ​Casino Management ​Shadong College of Tourism and Hospitality ​​Nick Thomas
IS​ 379/579 ​Global Virtual Software Teams ​Multi-location project ​​Olayele Adelakum
ITA 203​ ​Advanced Communication III (Italian) ​​Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy Caterina Mongiat Farina
​MCS 290 ​History of Cinema III, 1975 - present ​Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain ​​Luisela Alvaray
​MPH 553  ​Public Health and Forced Migration  ​University of Uyo, Nigeria ​​Isidore Udoh
PSC 353
Comparative Democracy & Dictatorship University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Dick Farkas
Who do I contact if I have additional questions about GLE?   
For questions about a particular GLE, please contact the respective faculty member listed in the table above. For any other questions, you can also email​

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