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Students: Got ideas? SGA wants to hear them

SGA call for ideas
(Image courtesy of SGA)
​Are you a student who has an idea for an initiative at DePaul? Your Student Government Association wants to hear all about it.​ DePaul students have a unique opportunity in April to submit proposals for a strategic initiative. 

“Students experience the university from a different perspective than faculty, staff and administrators,” says Steve Stoute, DePaul’s chief of staff who also has responsibility for tracking the accomplishments of the Grounded In Mission strategic plan. “Students are likely to have great ideas for strategic initiatives that others may not be cognizant of.”

This month SGA is soliciting suggestions from students through the SGA Twitter, Instagram, Facebook sites and other venues, and will submit the best ones to administrators for funding consideration. 

“Students often forget that their opinions are truly taken into account at DePaul,” says Nahal Hashemia, president of SGA. “If students want to see change on campus, that voice needs to be heard and that is precisely the goal of SGA’s campaign.”

The early response has been promising. The first announcement on social media reached more than 1,000 people in its first weekend. 

“We also are creating Facebook and Instagram poll questions to encourage mass student input because participating in polls takes significantly less time for students,” says Katy Bozich, SGA’s public relations coordinator. 

Hashemian hopes many students will submit well-reasoned ideas. 

“As students attending this university, changes and choices that the administration makes have direct impacts upon our experience and education,” she says. “Being able to work so closely together with administration and have our voices heard in the creation of strategic initiatives speaks clearly to our Vincentian mission of meeting others where they may be, and working together to uplift each other.”

Hashemian noted SGA’s goal is to identify ideas that tie directly to a strategic priority to improve the student experience. Students who have such ideas can convey them to SGA through social media or via email at​ by the end of April.