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​DePaul-related scholarship on service learning, community engagement and community-based research

2023 Publications

  • De Los Reyes, W., Ferrera, M. J., Hwang, S., Silva, R. Á., Quarfoot, K., Hasan, N., & Salusky, I. (2023, January 1). University-Community Collaborations: A Vehicle for Capacity Building and Mutual Learning within an Immigrant Mental Health Coalition. University of Miami.​

2021 Publications

  • Glantsman, O., & McConnell, E. A. (2021). Community psychology values in action: Collaborative research to support community social justice work. In Wong, M. S., Weiner, L., Cerniak, J., & Yee, L. T. S. (Eds.), Incorporating diversity in classroom settings: Real and engaging examples for various psychology courses. (Vol 2: Intersectionality) (pp. 221-226).

  • Guerrero, M., Anderson, A., Catlett, B., Sánchez, B. & Liao, L. (2021) Emerging Adults' Social Justice Engagement: Motivations, Barriers, and Social IdentitySociety for Community Research and Action, DOI: 10.1002
  • Saw, A., Nau, S., Jeremiah, R. D., & Zakaria, N. b. (2021). Laying the groundwork for participatory research with a Rohingya refugee community. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.
  • Singer, R., Crooks, N., Gilbert, J., Neely, J., & Lenon, P. (2021). Nursing Student-Led Health Education for Sixth Graders on Chicago’s South Side.  SAGE Open Nursing. Volume 7: 1–10

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