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Service Speaks 2019-2020
Staff and students participating in Service Speaks

Service Speaks, originally an in-person showcase of students work with community partners to advance social justice in the Chicago area, is housed in an online format this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Each year, over 3800 DePaul students help to build the capacity of our community partners through community-based service learning courses, internships, and community-based research. These opportunities result in deep learning and significant contributions to the community.

"I’m doing this for my community and it’s so close to me." -Mahum Inaba Ahmed, CSS Scholar

While the pandemic has reshaped how community partners and students interact, service learning is still very much alive in this digital world.

Students have spent the year working for social justice. See the stories of service told by Community Service Scholarship Scholars, viewpoints of service learning students, community partner perspectives, and faculty member reflections.​

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