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Service Speaks 2024

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Annual Service Speaks Conference
Service Speaks 2024

Service Speaks is an annual conference that highlights the service learning and community engagement work of DePaul students and community partners since 2008. 

Each academic year, over 200 courses and programs send students into the community to lift up the assets of our community partners through community-based service learning (CbSL) and project-based classes, a community-based scholarship program, community internships, and community-based research. These connections result in beneficial outcomes for the community organization and provide transformational experiences for our students. 

Service Speaks 2024 was held at the Lincoln Park Student Center on Friday, May 24th

Service Speaks 2024 has once again showcased the incredible impact of DePaul University's dedication to service learning and community engagement. Since its inception in 2008, this annual conference has highlighted the collaborative efforts between DePaul students and community partners, reflecting the university's commitment to fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change.

This year's event featured over 35 presenters and welcomed more than 80 attendees. We kicked off with an inspiring address from fellow Demon alum Edgar Ramirez, CEO of Chicago Commons. Edgar, with his extensive experience in leadership development, green space improvement, and immigration reform, set the tone for a day filled with impactful presentations. His work with the Latino Policy Forum, Illinois Council on Aging, and recognition as a Titan 100 CEO underscores his commitment to community and excellence.

Throughout the conference, we celebrated the achievements of students engaged in community-based service learning (CbSL), project-based classes, community scholarships, internships, and research. These efforts have led to significant benefits for both the community and the students, providing transformational experiences and reinforcing the vital role of community engagement in education and social impact. As we conclude this year’s Service Speaks, we honor the lasting contributions made by our students and partners and look forward to continuing this important work in the years to come.

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Photos by Keeton Holder/ DePaul University

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