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Annual Service Speaks Conference
Service Speaks 2023

Service Speaks is an annual conference that has highlighted the service learning and community engagement work of DePaul students and community partners since 2008. 

Each academic year, over 200 courses and programs send students into the community to lift up the assets of our community partners through community-based service learning (CbSL) and project-based classes, a community-based scholarship program, community internships, and community-based research. These connections result in beneficial outcomes for the community organization and provide transformational experiences for our students. 

This year, Service Speaks will be held at the Lincoln Park Student Center on Monday, May 15th from 10 am to 1 pm.

The conference will convene at 10 am with Opening Remarks by Civil Rights Lawyer and DePaul University Law School Graduate Sarah Gelsomino; then we will adjourn to small group rooms on the third floor for Student Presentations followed by luncheon and World Cafe. ​
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