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Collaboratory is an online, publicly searchable, relational database that captures how DePaul faculty, staff and students are connected to the community through course-based engagement, student volunteering, community involved research, and other types of community engaged outreach and public service. This database allows the institution to understand the full extent to which we are accomplishing goals related to our work in and with the Chicago community and beyond.

With Collaboratory, faculty and staff have a place to tell their stories about how the institution is connected to schools, organizations, neighborhoods, populations and resources in Collaboratory enables the institution to be more coordinated, strategic and efficient in our engagement with community partners to address society's most pressing issues.​

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Collaboratory's activity platform offers user-friendly navigation for seamless reporting, community engagement and public service activities. Users can align activities with sustainable development goals, link to specific DePaul programs, and access primary contacts. The interface also captures social issues, target populations, activity duration, and location details. It facilitates collaboration with internal and external partners, providing valuable insights into course alignment and community connections.

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