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Course Management

Professor Carolina Barrera-Tobon and students

The Steans Center offers resources and support as you plan, teach, and evaluate your CbSL Course. See our CbSL Course Development Timeline for a week-by-week breakdown of what to expect.

Logistics with Community Partners

  • Community Partner Agreements: When a community partner has been confirmed for your course, a Steans Center staff member will send a Community Partner Agreement to the contact person at the organization. All community partners must have a valid community partner agreement on file.
  • Communication with Partners and with Steans: A Steans Program Coordinator and Service Learning Coordinator will be assigned to your course. They will facilitate community partner placement, provide resources on D2L, and check in with you throughout the quarter. Faculty should also make regular contact with their community partner(s) throughout the quarter to check in about the students’ work onsite.
  • Compliance: All CbSL partnerships must be in compliance with the university’s policies in relation to all partnership agreements, the university's Protection of Minor Children Policy, and the usage of university facilities and resources.

Logistics with students

  • Hours tracking: Students in direct service courses will self-report their hours through Campus Connect, using the C2C Experience Tracking tool.
  • Safety tips: The Steans Center provides a list of community conduct and safety tips for students during Community Partner Placement.
  • Service Speaks: Service Speaks highlights the work of students, community partners, and faculty in their efforts to advance social justice in the community. The Steans Center invites you to participate in and learn from presentations and performances related to critical social issues such as racism, homelessness, gender, and many more.

Save the Date for this year's Annual Service Speaks: Friday, May 20, 2022 ​at the Lincoln Park Student Center​.