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Grant-funded Projects

Through the Egan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnerships (UECP), the Steans Center welcomes collaboration with community organizations on grant-funded projects to support technical assistance, training, and program and asset-development in Chicago area communities.

Research, Evaluation, and Assessment

UECP provides research, evaluation, and assessment services to community partners throughout the Chicagoland area. Drawing upon the expertise of staff researchers and DePaul faculty, and with the support of students, UECP conducts studies that meet partner needs, providing data that can be immediately used to inform projects, program design, policy development, and strategic initiatives.

Technical Assistance and Capacity-Building

UECP offers a DePaul Certificate in Community Engagement, a 30 hour course culminating with a certificate of professional achievement. The office offers broader coaching, consulting and technical assistance in asset-based community development, culturally-sensitive and relevant community engagement strategies, and evaluation of engagement initiatives.

Incubator for Innovative Community Development

UECP develops model programming, co-created with community partners, and involving faculty and students as well as community stakeholders and UECP staff. These projects/programs are piloted, managed and evaluated by UECP. Utilizing lessons learned and recommendations gleaned from the pilot experience, UECP supports partners to institutionalize successful projects and approaches into on-going organizational operations.

Partner with Us

UECP welcomes opportunities to partner with community organizations and those working actively on issues related to improving the well-being of Chicago communities. All our grant-funded efforts are driven by the priorities of our partners and emphasize collaborative project development, transparency of all activities, and the building of trusting an authentic community-university partnerships.

Please contact John Zeigler to discuss opportunities for grant-based partnership. ​​​