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Engaged Faculty Opportunities

Jessica Pamment's CbSL course in the COollege of Science and Health

Community-based Research

Community-based Research Faculty Fellowships

The Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning will award up to three Community-based Research Faculty Fellowships for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Women and Gender Research Initiative Faculty Fellowship

The Beck Women and Gender Initiative advances collaborative work between DePaul faculty, students, and community members to effect social change through a focus on social policy, advocacy, and community development.

Community-based Research Assistant Program

The Community-based Research Assistant Program provides faculty with the support of a student assistant in order to support service learning research activity.

For more information on developing a course with CbR, contact Howard Rosing at


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

DePaul Public Service Council Grants


The Steans Center has support for faculty to attend national, regional, and state-wide conferences devoted to service-learning and community engagement. To see a comprehensive list, visit Campus Compact.  Examples include: 

IARSLCE – International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Imagining America – concerned with community engagement in the humanities, arts, and design fields 

Community Immersions

Through the Community Immersion Faculty Institute participants will

  • Deepen their understanding of cultivating and sustaining community partnerships
  • Deepen their understanding of Community-based Service Learning and Asset-Based Community Development
  • Deepen their understanding of community history, current social justice issues, and assets
  • Draft, revise, or improve a CbSL course, internship, or project

Breakfast with Steans 

The Steans Center facilitates periodic informal conversations at the Center (2233 North Kenmore Avenue) on contemporary issues of interest in community-engaged work and service learning to faculty, staff and community members. Non-violence, social entrepreneurship, communications, gender, sustainability, your idea here?  Ideas welcome at  

Service Speaks

Service Speaks highlights the work of students, community partners, and faculty in their efforts to advance social justice in the community. The Steans Center invites you to participate in and learn from presentations and performances related to critical social issues such as racism, homelessness, gender, and many more.

Save the Date for Service Speaks: Friday, May 3, 2019 9:00 am - 2:30 pm