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Engages DePaul faculty and students in partnerships with schools, community organizations, veteran’s organizations, violence prevention projects, and parent activist organizations.

  • Academic Programs In Community-based Service Learning

The ABCD Institute, housed at the Steans Center, builds on the skills of local residents, the power of local associations, and the supportive functions of local institutions, and draws upon existing community strengths to build stronger, more sustainable communities for the future.

  • DePaul Council on Community Engagement

The Council shares community engagement information and practices across departments and programs in order to coordinate, improve, and sustain DePaul’s community engagement efforts and serves as a central repository for community engagement data

  • Service Learning Course Syllabi

Resources Outside DePaul

  • Campus Compact

Publications, publications

  • Imagining America

Concerned with community engagement in humanities, arts, and

  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health

Comprehensive resources targeted for but not limited to health professions

  • International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any faculty member can employ CbSL pedagogy in any DePaul course.  Doing so transforms the course into a dynamic space for teaching at the intersections of experiential and other texts.  Service learning provides the opportunity for co-learning and co-teaching with communities seeking social justice.

Perhaps the greatest benefit was that issues we discussed in class weren’t abstract to the students.  They were experiencing them firsthand.

-Dr. Miles Harvey, English

  • Take the 5-workshop series to earn the CbSL Certificate (1-1 consultation may be arranged under particular circumstances)
  • Meet with potential community partners; consult on syllabus
  • Propose departmental approval; EL designation where appropriate
  • D2L management; Course tagging with Registrar; Course Evaluation 

CbSL courses are one option for fulfilling DePaul's Experiential Learning (EL) requirement, featuring twenty five hours of service in the community within a ten-week quarter. This form of experiential learning deepens student learning and enhances their sense of social justice engagement with and learning in communities.

Propose an Experiential Learning course at DePaul.

The Steans Center offers regular Workshops, a Certificate Program, One-on-One Consultation, and a Faculty Community Immersion Institute.  For more information, contact Helen Damon-Moore at

The Steans Center can assist you in identifying community organizations that fit your pedagogical needs.  We can help you increase your knowledge about community assets and facilitate site visits.

Community-based Research Faculty Fellowships

The Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning will award up to two Community-based Research Faculty Fellowships per academic year.

The Beck Women and Gender Initiative advances collaborative work between DePaul faculty, students, and community members to effect social change through a focus on social policy, advocacy, and community development
The Community-based Research Assistant Program provides faculty with the support of a student assistant in order to support service learning research activity.

For more information on developing a course with CbR, contact Howard Rosing at