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Miranda Standberry-Wallace

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  • Associate Director, Academic Service Learning​
  • Steans Center

​​​Miranda is a visionary innovative development specialist and master collaborator who focuses on the betterment of people, businesses, and communities. At Steans, Miranda’s work will focus on leading the ASL team; the team is charged with making connections essential to supporting Community-based Service Learning experiences for students and faculty that result in relevant and meaningful service with the community, academic learning, and civic learning.  

She rejoins the Steans Center after recently serving as Community Relations and Engagement Manager at Northwestern University’s Office of Community Education Partnerships where she led the organization, logistics, and communications in sustainable STEAM collectives involving key stakeholders such as community members, parents and families, organization leaders, program leads, and school district leaders in both Evanston and Chicago. She is also Adjunct Faculty at DePaul and serves on numerous boards and committees with missions that reflect her own call to action to uplift people of color by partnering with families, communities, and businesses on initiatives that combat oppression, poverty, and violence. 

Miranda earned a bachelor's degree in social entrepreneurship and master's degree in business information technology. A southsider native to Chicago and a DePaul double-demon alum, Miranda holds the city near to heart and embodies DePaul’s Vincentian mission.