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Nila Ginger Hofman

  • Director of Community Service Studies and Professor of Anthropology
  • PhD Anthropology, 2000

  • Steans Center
Nila Ginger Hofman is Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Community Service Studies minor. Dr. Hofman studies urban populations, focusing specifically on labor and gender.  She is the author of a number of articles that record the lives of urban populations, including undocumented immigrants and injection drug users in Chicago, intellectual elites in Mérida, Mexico and Roma women in Zagreb, Croatia. Her latest book is: Women and Capitalism in the Croatian Hinterland: the Practice of Labor and Consumption (2015).

Dr. Hofman directs the Community Service Studies minor. She is responsible for managing the academic side of minor by providing support and mentoring for all CSS minors and faculty associated with the minor. Dr. Hofman works in close collaboration with the Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning. In addition, Dr. Hofman supports the Inside-Out Program at DePaul and any initiatives associated with the development of the minor.   

Areas of Consultation:
  • CSS student mentoring
  • Collaboration with CSS affiliated faculty
  • Collaboration with Steans
  • Manages all expenditures associated with CSS
  • Promotes CSS in different capacities including the inside out program
  • Administers CSS course proposals