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Dr. Patricia Novick

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For more than thirty years, as a consultant, trainer, training designer, and ordained minister, Rev. Patricia Novick has focused on issues of social justice, diversity, health, and the environment.  She holds doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and in ministry, as well as master’s degrees in sociology and divinity.

In 2018, she was one of three persons awarded the prestigious Belfer Fellowship by the Anti-Defamation League for her activities to combat discrimination and advance social justice. She is currently a research fellow at the Field Museum of Natural History as well as a returning fellow at the Egan Office for UECP at DePaul. In the past she has been a research fellow at Loyola, De Paul, and Harvard universities. 

She has provided extensive train-the-trainer workshops on mental health, resilience, and personal vitality to leaders from the Latinx, African-American, Asian, and other minority communities in Chicago and beyond. The self-care wellness program she designed has been taught to more than ten thousand people in the United States and other countries.