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Values-Centered Leadership Online Certificate Level I

Values-Centered Leadership Certificate I

Level I Upcoming Sessions:

​​Please use the application link below to join one of our remaining 2024 sessions:
​Spring Quarter:            April 8 - June 16, 2024                                 Apply by March 10, 2024
Autumn Quarter:         Sept. 9 - Nov. 17, 2024                                 Apply by August 11, 2024

Level I Application

Is it time you joined the more than 23​00 leaders from 80 countries who have benefitted from our course? Use the Level I Application Link to  apply today.

I learned so much about myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses from the tools provided. I especially appreciated the pedagogic method of reading, reflecting, and acting on what we have learned. 
                                               - ​Michelle Sterk Barrett, Autumn 2020 participant​

The Values-centered Leadership Certificate is a 10-week, non-credit course in leadership development. Participating in a supportive online learning community, you will explore universal values, principles and practices to help ground and improve your leadership skills. Those who successfully engage in all elements of the course will receive a certificate of participation.

The lessons learned in this program are unique and dive deeper into self-reflection than any other course
I have ever taken. My development skills evolved during these last weeks and it was noticed by my mentor and my staff. Thank you!
                                                           - Autumn 2017 participant

Who Will Benefit

  • Individuals in private or public, for-profit or nonprofit (NGO) organizations
  • Ministers, advisors, counselors and team leaders (anyone who mentors and coordinates others)
  • Individuals who aspire to improve their organizations informed by mission and values
  • All who believe that learning can transform when it happens from the inside out
This has been truly a life changing experience. I have been using the tools and skills learned and I can see how I am more organized, enjoying a more peaceful environment at the office.
                                                      - Autumn 2019 participant

Learning Requirements and Outcomes

  • Take a careful look at your own strengths and areas for growth
  • Explore new models and tools for creating positive relationships with others
  • Improve your effectiveness in dealing with others personally and professionally
  • Develop a personal action plan to identify steps toward continued leadership development

In response to surveys, past participants reported the following results:

  • 99% gained an increased understanding of VCL concepts and practices
  • 89% could apply their new knowledge and leadership skills right away

Additionally, past participants reported being helped in the following ways:

  • 93% increased awareness of their strengths and growth areas
  • 75% improved their communication skills
  • 73% improved their conflict management skills
  • 65% improved their ability to handle diversity in the workplace

Topics Include

  • Creating a Cooperative Learning Community
  • Organizational Leadership Challenges
  • Contemporary Values-based Models
  • Diversity and Multi-cultural Issues
  • Growing Ethical Leaders from Inside Out
  • Making Time and Energy Work for You
  • Applying Multiple Intelligences in Leadership
  • Leadership Coaching: Principles and Practice
  • Managing Conflicting Values
  • Creating Your Leadership Action Plan

This ten-week course has honestly been on of the best (of many!) leadership development courses that I have ever taken. I have learned a plethora of new ideas. The weekly method practices are a great self-reflection tool, and I will put many of them to further use in my professional career. I will highly recommend this course to colleagues and acquaintances. Great course!
                                                   - Spring 2019 participant

How You Will Participate:

  • The entire course takes place online on our private workspace. ​You will work on the material alone and at your own pace. There are no "live" sessions or group work. 
  • All course material will come available weekly on the online workspace. There are no additional materials to purchase. No materials will be sent via email.
  • Past participants report it requires 2-3 hours of work per week to complete the assignments.
  • You will make two short online posts per week summarizing your responses to the readings and other assignments. These will be read by your facilitator, who will comment as appropriate.
  • You will have the opportunity to read and respond to the weekly comments of other participants in the international online community of participants as your time allows.
  • Participants who successfully complete the two required weekly online posts in response to assignments will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course, as well as ongoing access to the course materials.


​​We are pleased to announce that in light of the high demand worldwide for this course, we began a partnership in Spring 2021​ with The Leaders Guild, an outreach of the Centre for Leadership and Management at Tangaza University College in Nairobi, Kenya. Members of The Leaders Guild coordinating team now are joining DePaul faculty and staff in serving as facilitators and interns for the multiple online course workspaces required to meet the demand for participation. 

In addition, we are deeply grateful to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Catholic Sisters Initiative for providing financial support to expand the free offering of this course, especially to Catholic Sisters serving around the world.


Course is Free as our offering in support of non-profit leaders making a difference around the world. ​

Weekly Schedule

Level I Application