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Locker & Towel Services

  • Complimentary shower towels are located on the first floor at the front desk.
  • Complimentary fitness towels are located on the second floor at the fitness floor desk.
  • Daily lockers in each locker room are available for free at the equipment check out area.
  • Storage lockers are available to rent in three sizes: please see the chart below for prices and check with the Membership Services desk for availability.
  • An alternative shower is available in the Assisted Change/Family Locker Room near the pool. Patrons may use unisex restrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. 
  • Free daily lockers are available on the second and third floors.
  • Workout bags should be stowed in daily, temporary, or rental lockers while using the facility. 

Member Locker Rental Rates and Sizes

Fourth Locker (12"x 18")
$111/annually or $9.25/month
Half Locker (12" x 36")
$148/annually or $12.50/month
Third Locker (12" x 24") located in hallway outside locker room
$74/annually or $6.25/month

Student/Faculty/Staff Locker Rental Rates and Sizes

Fourth Locker (12"x 18")
$28/quarter, $42/semester, $4.25/payroll deduction
Half Locker (12" x 36")
$37/quarter, $55.50/semester, $5.75/payroll deduction
Third Locker (12" x 24") located in hallway outside locker room $18/quarter, $26/semester, $3/payroll deduction

Please Note: Any locker not renewed by the expiration date will be cleared, the combination changed and resold. Any items (except toiletry items that can not be stored) that are cleared out of the locker will be held at the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center for seven days after the expiration date. After this period, items will be donated to charity. Campus Recreation is not responsible for any items that a patron has left in an expired locker.