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Waived co-pays for child, adult caregiving begin May 1


Bright Horizons
Update on April 27: The waiver of co-pays for Bright Horizons' services and addition of tutoring services are offered as a temporary benefit for 2021. These additional benefits are offered to make up for the period when Bright Horizons' services were more significantly affected by the pandemic. Service co-pays are expected to resume in 2022 and tutoring services are expected to cease.

Whether your caregiving needs involve children or adults, benefits-eligible employees have access to back-up care services through Bright Horizons, a nationally known and trusted organization that offers center-based and in-home care.

​Beginning May 1, usual co-pays that apply to back-up care services provided by Bright Horizons will be waived, meaning you can reserve care for your child or adult loved one at no cost. As a reminder, you have access to 15 days/uses of back-up care per year.

Affordable virtual tutoring through your back-up care benefit

Does your child need help with homework or dedicated support in a specific area? You can use your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care benefit to reserve an experienced tutor to help your 5-18-year-old stay on track — whether during the school year or over summer break. Get 1:1 personalized help in more than 300 subjects or targeted support in math or reading. Each back-up care use can be exchanged for 4 hours of virtual tutoring.

Use the step-by-step guide to help you gain access. Please note, virtual tutoring is not childcare and tutors are not considered caregivers or Bright Horizons personnel. A parent or guardian must be available to supervise during all virtual tutoring sessions. 

To register, visit the Bright Horizons website​ or call (877) 242-2737. (Back-Up Username: DEPAUL; Back-Up Password: VINCENT). You can also download the Bright Horizons App in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For questions contact DePaul's Benefits Team at or (312) 362-8232.