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Faculty and staff: A quick guide to Healthy Vincet's Wellness Program

Chase challenge
Completing a walk or race is one of many ways to earn points towards your $300 Healthy Vincent$ Wellness Program incentive. (DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)
The Healthy Vincent's Wellness Program is back again in 2018 for faculty and staff and better than ever. There are more ways to earn points and more chances to be proactive about your health. 

DePaul's wellness program for faculty and staff is designed to promote overall well-being, help monitor risk factors for chronic diseases, and help you develop a solid partnership with your doctor and the rest of your healthcare team. The information below will give you everything you need to earn 100 points and qualify for the $300 bonus.

Let's get started.

If you haven't already done so, register at Click "Is this your first time here?" and type in DePaul's unique code: K6UV3. Register your account. will be your wellness program hub. Log your progress as you complete different tasks, challenges, and appointments along the way. Learn more about reporting activities and milestones.  

There are many different paths to 100 points.

HR recommends you start by scheduling these three appointments: 
  1. Dental exam and cleaning (10 points)
  2. Annual physical/preventative exam from your physician (20 points)
  3. 403(b) financial planning session (10 points)
Get these appointments on the books in the spring, and you've begun the journey to wellness.

Next, complete the online health assessment anytime. After completing the health assessment, you can schedule a biometric screening at the St. Vincent's Health Fair in the fall for another 35 points. Get a flu shot for 10 more points. 

Between three appointments in the spring and getting a couple of things done at the health fair, your point total will rocket up to 85. Not only will you be very close to earning $300, but you will also be more knowledgeable about your overall wellbeing.  

Check out the Healthy Vincent's Wellness Program to learn about all of the other activities and challenges that also are worth points.

Important dates to put on your calendar:
  • March 26: Flash Challenge: The Nutrition Quiz
  • April 2: Water Works Challenge (April 2 - 30)
  • June 4: Healthy Brain Challenge (June 4 - July 2)
  • July 30: Healthy Lunchbox Challenge (July 30 - August 27)
  • Oct. 22 - 25: St. Vincent's Health Fair
More ways to earn points:
  • Online workshops are worth up to another 45 points 
  • Approved list of local activities each worth 15 points
  • Record your steps via the Steps Log
  • Visit the portal to learn more about all of these activities.
A little planning and a few appointments in the calendar and you have begun the journey to a healthier lifestyle and an extra $300 bonus.  As always, if you are a DePaul faculty or staff member and have any questions about the wellness program, please contact the HR Benefits team. 

HR wishes you a healthy 2018

Qualifications: All active full-time and part-time faculty and staff enrolled in DePaul's medical plan (PPO, CDHP, HMOIL), as well as COBRA participants are eligible to earn a $300 incentive for reaching 100 points through participation in healthy activities between Jan. 1, 2018 and Oct. 31, 2018.

Feedback:  Has the Healthy Vincent's wellness program helped you to meet your personal health goals? We'd like to hear from you; please send your testimonials to