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Never stop learning: Programs offered to DePaul employees

DePaul makes it easy for its faculty and staff to continue learning with a variety of affordable and convenient ways. (Image courtesy of iStockPhoto)
Innovation brings new job opportunities and challenges that often require brand new skills and training.  Now more than ever, it is essential to continue learning throughout your career.

"Continuing education is important in many fields to maintain credentials and keep up with current technology and trends," says Sandy Rodriguez, marketing manager in the Office of Continuing and Professional Education. "Professional development is crucial to enhance skills and keep a competitive edge in the workplace."

A new academic year is a good time to consider taking a class or obtaining a certification. DePaul makes it easy for its faculty and staff to continue learning with a variety of affordable and convenient ways to prepare for an ever-changing professional landscape.   

Tuition Benefits

Learning opportunities surround DePaul faculty and staff. The university's tuition assistance programs open the door to continued growth and development. Tuition benefits rank among the most popular reasons to work at DePaul.

"It's been a lifelong goal of mine to obtain a graduate degree. Being able to take advantage of the tuition waiver is an amazing benefit and was definitely a consideration in my decision to come to DePaul," explains Donyiel Crocker, executive assistant and budget manager for the Office of Human Resources. "As a mother of two teenagers on their way to college, the tuition exchange scholarship program offered at DePaul was also a huge draw." 

Visit the tuition benefits page to learn more about DePaul's different types of tuition waivers, eligibility and the enrollment process.

You can learn just about anything online these days, but few web resources compare to  Lynda offers more than 6,000 courses taught by industry professionals in convenient, micro-learning formats. Membership costs about $20 a month for the average person. However, DePaul offers this benefit for free.

Touch up on your business writing skills. Learn about color theory in graphic design. Become a photography expert. These courses and so many more are available on your web browser and through the convenient Lynda app. 

Go to, Click on "Sign in with your organizational portal," type and login with your Campus Connect credentials.  More information is available on the DePaul Information Services website.

OD-WL Leadership and Training Courses

Organizational Development and Workplace Learning offers a variety of excellent courses that support learning in leadership and management, professional development and training, personal development and more.

The courses are offered throughout the year and support learning in multiple areas, including customer service; diversity and inclusion; human resource management and fiscal administration; interpersonal communication; leadership and management; ongoing professional development and training; and personal development.

To register, select your course through the Learning & Development Portal in Campus Connect.

Continuing and Professional Education

Sandy Rodriguez, a marketing manager in the Office of Continuing and Professional Education, breaks down the basics on DePaul's CPE program.

What is CPE? DePaul's Continuing and Professional Education is a department within the university that offers non-credit courses and certificate programs for adult students seeking to enhance their skills, advance in their careers or start a new career. 

Who can take classes? Anyone can register for certificate programs, individual courses and seminars at DePaul CPE. There is no application process or application fee. Some of our more rigorous programs may require students have a degree and/or experience prior to sitting for professional certification exams.  Most programs offer a 10 percent employee discount, some offer as much as 15 percent.   

More details on all programs and courses offered are available on the CPE website.

The Assessment Certificate Program

Jen Sweet, the associate director in the Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment, shares information about the ACP at DePaul.

What is the ACP? The Assessment Certificate Program is a workshop-based program designed to provide training and support for faculty and staff engaged in the assessment of student learning. 

Who is eligible? All DePaul faculty, staff or graduate students are eligible to participate in the ACP. 

Are there any upcoming workshops?

Sept. 20, 2017: Writing and Revising Learning Outcomes

Sept. 29, 2017: Introduction to Item Analysis: Evaluating and Improving Multiple Choice Questions

Oct. 5, 2017: Introduction to Qualitative Analysis

Oct. 27, 20/17: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

Faculty, staff and graduate students interested in participating in this program can register to participate on the ACP website.