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Keep up with a changing workforce with DePaul's educational resources

Back to School
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School is back in session. While Blue Demons return to the classroom and younger children once again hop on the bus, perhaps — as a DePaul employee — you should take advantage of the learning and development options available to you. The university offers a variety of courses and training.

It has become a bit of a cliché, but it has never been so important to incorporate continuous learning into your career path. Our world has changed exponentially in the last couple of decades with advances in technology and automation, and the coming years are sure to bring even more seismic shifts in the requirements and expertise of the workforce.  

Successful employees will need to adapt. Perhaps you’re content in your current role, but there’s always some aspect of a job that is certain to change. Or, some new knowledge or expertise you’d like to develop. Be proactive about your development and prepare for the years to come. Luckily, you work at a university that offers a range of learning and development opportunities.  

Tuition benefits

Full-time faculty and staff are immediately eligible for tuition waiver benefits. It’s one of the most popular benefits offered at the university. After one year of full-time service, spouses; unrelated second domiciled adults, or SDAs; and dependent children of faculty and staff are eligible for tuition waivers. Spouses or unrelated SDAs are eligible for a full tuition waiver for undergraduate and graduate level courses, while dependent children are eligible for waivers that cover full course tuition at the undergraduate level and 50 percent at the graduate level. 

Part-time faculty and part-time benefits eligible staff also are eligible for tuition waivers, but courses may be limited according to the Tuition Waiver Policy. Certain restrictions apply to all waivers, and waivers may be taxable in certain situations as defined in the Tuition Waiver Policy.

In addition to the Tuition Waiver program, dependents of full-time faculty and staff with at least one year of cumulative full-time service may be eligible to participate in the Tuition Exchange Program.  The Tuition Exchange, Inc. offers national scholarship exchange programs for member schools for dependents who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. The deadline to apply for the 2020-21 academic year is Oct. 1, 2019.  Visit the Tuition Benefits page on the HR page and the Tuition Exchange Guidelines for full details.

Continuing and professional education 

Are you interested in enhancing your professional development or advancing your career? DePaul CPE offers a wide range of certificate programs, courses and certifications. Learn something new or expand your current expertise. DePaul CPE offers courses in the following areas:
Workplace Learning and Performance

Our Workplace Learning and Performance department offers a variety of courses and learning opportunities to support the professional development of all employees at the university. It focuses especially on leadership development at all levels through effective performance management. This starts with setting SMART and inspirational goals, effective and ongoing communication throughout the year, tools to foster employee engagement and skills for having tough conversations while maintaining our values of treating each other with dignity and respect. 

WLP also offers interactive and engaging skill labs where you can practice with us and start using what you learned right away in your work. Looking to add a team member? Take part in Interviewing and Hiring to learn new skills and best practices. Getting ready for the annual performance appraisal process? We’ve got you covered. Wondering how the merit process works? Compensation Basics at DePaul has the answers! 

The courses are offered throughout the year and delivered through a blended learning model. You’ll complete some foundational content online and then join us in the classroom to dig a little deeper, build confidence in your skills and learn from your colleagues. Most take a few hours but offer lessons that will stay with you for a long time.