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Enter performance goals into BlueSky

Performance goals
​​Although you've been working toward your 2020-21 performance goals since July 1, now is the time for staff to enter those goals into the new BlueSky system. As with other human resources applications, the university's annual performance appraisal form for staff moved from PeopleSoft to BlueSky earlier this month.

Entering your performance goals into BlueSky is easy. Just go to, click on the “Career and Performance" tile, and then click on “Goals." Then enter and save each of your goals for the 2020-21 performance cycle.

If you need help, you can use the BlueSky Help tool. On the right side of the screen in BlueSky, you will see a small red rectangular icon. Click on the icon, type in the topic that you need help with, and the BlueSky Help tool will guide you through the system to help you complete your task.

Once you submit your goals, you will receive a confirmation email and bell notification. The system will also notify you once your manager has approved your goals.

If you need to edit your goals throughout the year, no problem. Simply make the change and submit to your manager for a new approval. The staff in Human Resources are excited for the increased flexibility within BlueSky will be helpful as you and your manager discuss your progress throughout the year and make updates as necessary.

As a reminder, DePaul recommends having three to five performance goals that align with the team, department and university goals. You should also ensure that your goals follow the SMART format:

  • Specific – Is the goal explicit, clear and concise?
  • Measurable – Does the goal clearly state the desired outcome (quantitative or qualitative)?
  • Action-oriented – Does the goal include the actions necessary to achieve the desired outcome?
  • Realistic – Is the goal challenging but attainable?
  • Time-bound – Does the goal have a deadline and/or progress milestones?

Defining performance goals helps to ground our work efforts as priorities shift, the unexpected happens, and roadblocks pop up. Goals also help illustrate the connection to how you are contributing to something bigger. If you achieve your goals, what will the impact be on your department, on our students, on DePaul? Consider what motivates you to grow and develop professionally? What can you do to contribute to your department? What can you do this year that will build upon last year's successes? Build these ideas into your goals so that you can get excited about what you can achieve in the year to come.

Now is also a good time for managers to plan ahead and pencil in time for the performance review meetings with their direct reports. The 2020-21 performance appraisal cycle officially ends on June 30, 2021, which coincides with the end of the fiscal year for the university, and documentation will be due to Human Resources by Sept. 1. It is recommended that performance review meetings take place as soon as possible after June 30 to ensure that employees and managers have time to complete the performance appraisal forms as well as develop and enter 2021-22 goals.

As always, the Workplace Learning and Performance team is here to help. Contact us at or (312) 362-8342. 

Please note the performance appraisal is different for students. For more information about student employee performance appraisal, please contact the Office of Student Employment at (312) 362-5599 or visit the Office of Student Employment website.