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DePaul loves SMART goals

SMART goals
It is time to start entering your goals for the 2019-20 performance season. We encourage you to enter your goals into the ePerformance tool as soon as you can and no later than the end of January 2020.

We know that goal-setting may seem daunting—yet another “to-do” in the middle of many other competing priorities of the day. But grounding ourselves and continually assessing measurable goals is helpful as priorities shift, the unexpected happens, and roadblocks pop up.

Defining performance goals also helps make the connection to how you are contributing to something bigger. If you achieve your goals, what will the impact be on your department, on our students, on DePaul? Consider what motivates you to grow and develop professionally? What can you do to contribute to your department? What can you do this year that will build upon last year’s successes? Build these ideas into your goals so that you can get excited about what you can achieve in the year to come.

And don’t settle for goals that don’t make the grade…make sure your goals are SMART:
  • Specific – Is the goal explicit, clear and concise?
  • Measurable – Does the goal clearly state the desired outcome (quantitative or qualitative)?
  • Action-oriented – Does the goal include the actions necessary to achieve the desired outcome?
  • Realistic – Is the goal challenging but attainable?
  • Time-bound – Does the goal have a deadline and/or progress milestones?
DePaul recommends developing three to five goals for the upcoming year. Be sure that goals are discussed with your manager to ensure that goal setting aligns with the team, department and university goals.

You can access your personal performance document through this secure link at After you input your goals, your manager will approve them. For a walk-through of the ePerformance tool, view this step-by-step ePerformance demo.

As always, the Workplace Learning and Performance team is here to help. Contact us at or (312) 362-8342, or visit the Human Resources website for answers to frequently asked questions about the performance appraisal process. 

Please note that the performance appraisal is different for students. For more information about student employee performance appraisal, please contact the Office of Student Employment at (312) 362-5599 or visit the Office of Student Employment website​.