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Stand out as an internal applicant at DePaul


Staff development workshop

Growing your career often means finding a new job in your current organization. At many organizations, including DePaul, internal applicants have some distinct advantages in knowing the culture, mission and overall organizational goals. DePaul's talent acquisition team in the Office of Human Resources considers all qualified internal job candidates and prioritizes qualified internal candidates when presenting applicants to hiring managers.

While an internal candidate may have an advantage, DePaul staff compete with a broad pool of talent beyond the university. For example, the talent acquisition team receives more than 14,000 applications per year, making competition heavy for many open positions. It’s vital to treat an open position like a brand new opportunity and prepare as if you were starting from scratch with DePaul, and the talent acquisition team is here to help.

Through the Staff Career Development Workshop, full- and part-time staff will gain knowledge, skills and coaching to empower participants to achieve their career goals at DePaul. The session blends lecture and practice to help you to personalize career and job search strategies by: 

  • Understanding how to leverage current career trends 
  • Using your strengths and talents to identify the best careers and jobs for you
  • Perfecting your pitch so decision makers understand who you are and what you want
  • Writing resumes and cover letters that get noticed
  • Preparing to ace the interview 

Sessions are fast paced with time to personalize the information to your needs, so approximately three hours of pre-work must be completed prior to the session. All of the pre-work is designed to help you achieve your career goals with tools that can be used continually. An added bonus: Participants who complete the program are eligible for a one-on-one session with a member of DePaul’s Talent Acquisition Team.

If you are a staff member seeking a new role at DePaul, plan to attend the upcoming Staff Career Development Workshop on Thursday, April 16, from 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Lincoln Park Student Center. RSVP is required because participation is limited to 25 participants and the spaces fill up quickly. 

RSVP or request more information by contacting to Fatima Mohammed, a talent acquisition coordinator, by email at or (312) 362 1420.