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Important updates to performance appraisal process for 2019

Performance appraisals
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It’s been a long winter, but spring is finally here. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the university community is starting to look forward to summer in Chicago. This also means it's time to prepare for the annual performance appraisals period. 

While the process remains largely the same as last year, the Office of Human Resources made several changes to the performance appraisal form that employees should know about. Each of these updates are a result of employee feedback HR has received over the last several years:
  1. The form is shorter. HR worked to streamline and eliminate redundancies, resulting in a form that is shorter by about two pages. 
  2. Directions are clearer. HR heard the language could be clearer, so the team worked to clarify the intent of each section.
  3. Ratings on Core Behaviors are simplified. The form places less emphasis on individual ratings and more emphasis on overall demonstration of expected behavior. 
  4. The section on mission focuses on demonstration. DePaul's mission is critical to everything employees do, and HR recognizes the university won't succeed without the work of each and every member of the community. This unrated section asks employees to take a few minutes to reflect on their own contributions. 
  5. Employee development is more focused. The new form asks employees to identify development areas they would like to focus on in the upcoming year, including projects and opportunities they feel would be helpful. Employees also have the opportunity to ask for specific support from their manager. 
Aside from these updates, the process and form will be the same as previous years. HR recommends employees get started with the performance appraisal process around the end of DePaul's fiscal year and complete it as soon as possible

As always, Workplace Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development​ is here to help. Both online and classroom training are available, and a representative can also come to your department for a customized session. A performance appraisal hotline also is up and running at (312) 362-8342.