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Plan early for vacation in 2020

vacation 2020

If these dark and dreary days of Chicago’s winter have you dreaming of warmer locations, now is the time to start plotting a course for using your 2020 vacation time. 

All eligible staff employees are encouraged to think about their plans for using their vacation time at the start of the new calendar. At DePaul, vacation time is accrued throughout the year, and only five days of unused hours can be carried over after Dec. 31 each year. That means you will forfeit any vacation time in excess of five days not used by Dec. 31. So plan early. 

Oftentimes, the way in which vacation hours are accrued gives some employees the impression that they have to wait until later in the year to take vacation time. However, longer vacations can be taken starting in the first quarter of the year when coupled with a week of carryover from the previous year, a week or more of accrued vacation earned, two floating holidays, or an additional “advanced or borrowed” week. The university's vacation policy allows staff employees to borrow up to five days against their future vacation earnings. 

 Managers are also encouraged to ask their employees about vacation plans to get a general idea of workforce availability early in the year. Not only must managers ensure general coverage, some departments have “peak periods” when it is not feasible for employees to take vacation. Getting a sense early in the year of employees’ plans ensures that vacation hours are used and the department’s work gets done. Visit the Office of Human Resources online to learn more about DePaul’s vacation and holiday benefits

Every employee at DePaul plays a part in helping students succeed. In the spirit of St. Vincent, we want “not only to do good, but to do it well.” So use your vacation benefit as an opportunity for rest and renewal, with the hope that you come back to work refreshed and ready to enable our students to receive an extraordinary education. ​