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One-time increase in vacation carryover

Vacation carryover

As shared via email before Thanksgiving and proposed by DePaul's Staff Council in recognition of a challenging year which has made it difficult to take time away from work, DePaul is increasing the maximum amount of carryover vacation hours from 5 to 10 days this year. Employees may carry over a maximum of 10 days of accrued vacation past Dec. 31 to be taken in 2022.

As you plan your vacation time for calendar year 2022, recognize your vacation allotment will be even greater than in previous years. Please take the time to plan your vacation days throughout the year, including floating holidays, summer hours or days, and holidays, as well as accrued vacation earned. 

For calendar year 2023 the university will return to its standard carryover allotment. Therefore, employees may carry over a maximum of 5 days of accrued vacation past Dec. 31, 2022, to be taken in 2023.

Once you have planned your vacation, you may request time off and submit it for approval to your manager through BlueSky. If your plans change, you can easily change or withdraw absence requests within BlueSky.

To p​lan and request time off, go to On your BlueSky homepage, click on the Time and Absences tile, and choose one of the following options:

  • Add Absence – To request an absence and submit for approval
  • Absence Balance – To review current plan balances and absences taken or requested
  • Existing Absences – To view, change or withdraw existing absence requests

Once you submit a request for an absence, your manager will receive a notice to approve the request.

Visit the Human Resources website for more information about DePaul's vacation and holiday benefits.