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Paid time off for voting

(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)

This story was updated on Oct. 27.

DePaul observes the Illinois procedural voting law that allows employees two paid hours off work to vote in person. In recognition of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, DePaul will expand the paid hours for in-person voting, for both early voting and on Nov. 3, in the 2020 election.​ Employees should record the total number of hours it takes them to vote with no restrictions. 

This change is only effective for the 2020 election due to the effects the current pandemic is having on typical voting options.

Employees should record their voting hours in Campus Connect, using the drop-down menu:

  • VTS – Voting (Exempt Employees)
  • VTH - Voting (Non-exempt Employees)
Questions may be directed to​