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Employees share why they love DePaul this Valentine's Day

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(DePaul University/Ben Craig)
In honor of Valentine's Day, the Employee Engagement team asked various employees across the university to share why they love DePaul. Below are a few of the team's favorite responses:
Why I love DePaul…​

“I feel pretty fortunate to work with such awesome, talented and supportive people. I’m constantly learning, collaborating and sharing. That’s why I Love DePaul,” says Chantilly Butcher, an executive assistant in the Office of Public Relations and Communications.

"I love working at DePaul because it is an academic institution for the 21st century. What I mean by this is that even though the university is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, it lists teaching before research to show our dedication to enlightening and transforming the lives of our students first. In this way, we can be a world-class research institution but one that changes society by developing the minds of our students," says Jim Mourey, an assistant professor in the Department of Marketing.  

“I have been working at DePaul for over 18 years and one of the things I love most about working here is the sense of community that I feel a part of. DePaul is a big place spread over two campuses miles apart yet I know I can call upon anyone within this great network for assistance, resource or just a genuinely good conversation. The students, staff and faculty make DePaul home for me. Now take great community and couple it with a living and breathing mission and you have a recipe for a very special environment which has only grown stronger the longer I have been here," says Rick Moreci, the director of Housing and Student Centers in Facility Operations.

Although each reason was different, a common theme was an appreciation for the people who make up the DePaul community. They are at the heart of why we love DePaul. If you’d like to see the rest of the responses to “Why I love DePaul,” visit the Employee Engagement website.  
I love DePaul

As you go through your day, the Employee Engagement team encourages you to reach out to fellow employees who make DePaul a great place to work. Tell them you appreciate their contributions. If they went above and beyond to provide great service or to improve a process, let them know. Maybe recognize their accomplishments in a meeting or write them a note letting them know how much their efforts mean to the team. A simple and genuine thank you can brighten someone’s day. 

Need some tips to get started?
  1. Be specific. Take the time to really notice and recognize their specific efforts. What did they do that made a difference? It doesn’t have to be complicated, just genuine. 
  2. Describe how the action or behavior added value. Explain how a fellow employee’s action or behavior helped the team or the organization. 
DePaul’s mission is big and depends on the work of every individual. Make sure they know how their work matters! 
Remember, employee engagement begins with you!  To learn more, check out a quick e-learning course called “What is Employee Engagement.” 

Don’t forget visit our website to read the rest of the responses to “Why I love DePaul”. Do you have an affinity for DePaul? If so send us a short blurb on why you love working at DePaul to​. We will showcase your quote on the Employee Engagement webpage.