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Check in on 2022/23 staff performance goals

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Although it's early into the 2023 calendar year, we're already halfway through the current staff performance appraisal period. The 2022/23 performance appraisal cycle ends on June 30, and the due date to submit your completed performance document to Human Resources via BlueSky is Sept. 1.

If you have not done so already, now is a great time to schedule an informal performance check-in meeting with your manager.

One great feature of BlueSky is the enhanced flexibility with goal setting and maintenance. If you and your manager determine that your performance goals should change, you can make the change in BlueSky and submit it to the manager for approval any time before you complete your performance document. Simply go to, click on the "Career and Performance" tile, click on "Goals," and then make any necessary edits. Note: Once you submit your goals, your manager will need to approve them before you can edit them again.

If you haven't entered your goals yet, don't panic! While it's important to enter goals as early in the performance cycle as possible, you can take care of that now. Click on this BlueSky Help walkthrough for entering goals, which will guide you through the system.

As always, the Workplace Learning and Performance team is here to help. Reach out to us online, or call us at 312-362-8342.

Please note the performance appraisal is different for student employees. For more information about student employee performance appraisal, please contact the Office of Student Employment at 312-362-5599, or visit the Office of Student Employment website.