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Planning for a return to campus: DePaul’s Hybrid Work Guide

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In preparation for DePaul students returning to campus this fall, more employees will begin returning to work on campus starting Monday, July 19. By this date, all employees should receive communication from their respective leadership so that they are aware of the specific work plan for themselves and their respective work area.

While some employees may perform their work fully on-site or fully off-site, many employees will work a hybrid of on-site and off-site during their work week. Where an employee performs their work is being planned at the unit level by deans and vice presidents, based on role-specific and team-specific responsibilities and other considerations.

The guidelines regarding hybrid work and related issues can be found in DePaul’s Hybrid Work Guide for Employees and Managers. The Hybrid Workforce Guide and all associated documents are also posted on the Office of Human Resources website.

Employees who will be fully or partially working off-site ("teleworking") should review the Teleworking Guidelines as well as ensure that a Teleworking Agreement is completed with their manager.

The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that both the manager and the employee have a clear, shared understanding of the employee’s teleworking arrangement. At a minimum, the employee and their manager should retain a copy of the agreement on file; however, please follow the designated protocol in your area for the retention of this document. A current, up-to-date teleworking agreement must be accessible at all times upon request.