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Searching and applying as an internal candidate for DePaul staff positions

Laptop showing open jobs at DePaul

If you are interested in viewing and/or applying for a staff position as an internal candidate at DePaul, BlueSky is your resource.

The easiest way to learn the new navigation for finding and applying for internal staff positions is to use the BlueSky Help Tool:

  • After you log in to, you will see a small red rectangular icon on the right side of your BlueSky homepage.
  • Click on the icon, and type in a topic. For example, type "Internal Candidate - Search for a Job" or "Internal Candidate – Apply to a DePaul Job."
  • The BlueSky Help tool will then offer pop-ups that guide you through the system to help complete your task.

Current DePaul employees who have been with the university for at least six months are eligible to apply for another position at the university as an internal candidate.

To apply for an internal position, you will need to complete the skills and qualifications section within BlueSky. This "talent profile" creates an internal resume viewable to you and your manager. It also will serve as your internal application for any jobs you apply to at DePaul. To complete your talent profile, go to, click on the career and performance tile from the homepage, then select skills and qualifications. You will be prompted to enter resume-related information, such as your work history, education, trainings and more.

While qualified internal candidates may have an advantage for open positions, DePaul staff compete with a broad pool of talent beyond the university for many open positions. It is important to treat an open position like a brand-new opportunity and prepare as if you were starting from scratch with DePaul. One way to do so is to ensure your talent profile in BlueSky is complete and error-free.

For an overview of actions in BlueSky related to staff jobs and internal candidates, check out this online training resource. You can also reach out to the Talent Acquisition team at