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Time to start preparing for performance appraisal meetings

Time to start preparing for performance appraisal meetings

As summer nears, so do preparations for the end of the annual performance appraisal period for full- and part-time staff employees.

Employees have until June 30 to work toward the completion of their performance goals, but the 2021-22 performance documents will be ready in BlueSky by June 1. Managers and employees can prepare for the appraisal process now by ensuring that goals are finalized in BlueSky and performance appraisal meetings are scheduled to happen by mid-August. Completed 2021-22 performance documents are due to Human Resources by Sept. 1.

While specific timeframes may be set at the unit level by deans and vice presidents, we suggest the following timeline for completing this year's staff performance appraisals:

Early June:

  • The manager reaches out to the employee to schedule a performance meeting to take place by Aug. 12.
  • The employee prepares to complete their section of the performance appraisal form in BlueSky at least two weeks before the appraisal meeting. Self-evaluation can be done as early as June 1, when 2021-22 documents become available. To access your performance documents, go to, click on the "Career and Performance" tile and then go to the "Performance" section.

By July 29 or two weeks prior to appraisal meeting:

  • The employee completes a self-evaluation; the manager will be notified through BlueSky.
  • The manager reviews the self-evaluation and completes the manager section, including an overall performance rating for the year. As applicable, the manager also discusses the completed appraisal with the second-level manager. Note: For an overall rating of "below expectations" or "unsatisfactory," electronic approval by the second-level manager is required.
  • Once the management review is complete, the documentation is submitted to the employee through BlueSky. The employee should have time to review prior to the performance meeting.

By Aug. 12:

  • The manager and employee meet to discuss the employee's performance and specific examples of both strengths and areas for improvement. Any areas of rating disagreement should be discussed and documented. Goals for 2022-23 can also be discussed during the meeting.
  • After the meeting, the employee acknowledges discussing the performance appraisal with the manager and all ratings were explained.

By Sept. 1:

  • Submit completed documentation to Human Resources through BlueSky.

After Sept. 1:

  • Once employee and manager agree upon goals for the 2022-23 performance appraisal period, they can be added to BlueSky under the "Goals" section within the "Career and Performance" tile.

As always, the Workplace Learning and Performance team is here to help. Contact us at or (312) 362-8342. You can also find resources about the annual performance appraisal process on the Human Resources website.

Please note the performance appraisal is different for student employees. For more information about student employee performance appraisal, please contact the Office of Student Employment at (312) 362-5599 or visit the Office of Student Employment website.