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DePaul launches employee referral program for staff positions

DePaul launches employee referral program for staff positions

Do you know someone qualified to take on an open full-time staff job at DePaul? If so, you might be eligible to receive a $1,000 bonus.

As shared via email, through the Employee Referral Program, a DePaul employee may be eligible to receive a $1,000 bonus (subject to required deductions and tax withholdings) for referring an external candidate who is hired and successfully completes six months of employment within a full-time staff position at DePaul. While the initial referral must be made for a specific staff position, the Talent Acquisition team may consider the candidate for other full-time staff positions within six months of the initial referral.

The intent of this program is to leverage the networks of our current DePaul employees to identify and attract candidates that will be great matches for our open staff positions.

Who is eligible: You are eligible for the referral bonus if you are a staff or faculty employee who is not the hiring manager for the position, a VP or Dean, or a union, temporary or seasonal employee. The candidate you refer must be an external candidate who is not a former DePaul employee, contractor, student employee, or your immediate family member.

Where to find current open staff positions: Click here for current staff positions open to external candidates.

How to refer a candidate: Referring a candidate is a two-step process. First, complete the Employee Referral Program Submission Form. Then use BlueSky to email the candidate a referral link to apply for the position. If the candidate you referred is hired for a full-time staff position, the Talent Acquisition team will contact you with more information.

While this program is specific to external candidates, current DePaul employees who are looking for a new opportunity are encouraged to start their search with DePaul. DePaul employees who have been with the university for at least six months are eligible to apply for another position at the university as an internal candidate. At many organizations, including DePaul, internal applicants have some distinct advantages in knowing the culture, mission and overall organizational goals. DePaul's Talent Acquisition team considers all qualified internal job candidates and prioritizes qualified internal candidates when presenting applicants to hiring managers. Find out more about how to apply to a DePaul job as an internal candidate.

If you have questions, read more about the Employee Referral Program or reach out to the Talent Acquisition team at