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Pay and benefits information about Stress Relief Days Program

Cheryl Hover checks a person into a vaccine clinic.
Cheryl Hover, assistant director of Emergency Management, checks a person into an April vaccine clinic. (DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)

The Stress Relief Days Program provides two days of paid time off for full-time, benefits-eligible employees, to be used between June 20 and Sept. 22, 2021. A full-time staff must be actively employed as of June 20, 2021, to be eligible for the hours.

These hours must be used as whole days and must be recorded.

  • Employees who report absences in BlueSky should choose the "Time and Absences" tile from your BlueSky homepage and then select "Add Absence." From the dropdown menu, select "Stress Relief Days."  Your hours will be sent to your manager for approval. As a reminder, absences are displayed informationally on the time card, but absences must be submitted and approved through the Absence module, separate from time-card entry and approvals.
  • Employees who use TimeClock Plus should follow their standard procedure for requesting time off and use the time code "Stress Relief Days TCP."

Stress Relief Days are not accrued, and unused hours cannot be paid out or carried over in the next calendar year. These days cannot be used during a continuous leave of absence. These hours will be considered 403(b)-eligible.